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There are five common species of cockroach present in North America, and each species varies somewhat in preference to environment and appetite. They are: the smoky brown cockroach, the American cockroach, the brown banded cockroach, the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach. The German cockroach is the most common indoor pest in North America. It is as comfortable indoors as it is outdoors and will eat just about anything. It can thrive in just about any environment and is less reliant upon moisture than other roaches. Its one main weakness is its preference for warm air. Heating vents and furnaces are some of their most common hiding places.

Sanitary standards are one of the most effective ways to control infestation of the German cockroach. By having us deploy roach baits that use boric acid as their active ingredient, as well as dusting some common hideouts, we are confident that it should take care of the infestation within a few days. Caulking cracks and crevices in your foundation as well as in your baseboards and walls on the first floor of your home or business is essential in preventing infestation of all species of cockroaches. An All Bugs Aside Termite & Pest Control expert will identify and work with the client in order to alter conditions that allow for easy access to this pest.

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