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Your home or business is most likely the largest and most important investment you will make in your lifetime. Protecting your investment should be of utmost importance. Because of this, protection against termite infestation and structural damage should be equally as important.

Termites build their colonies deep underground below the frost line and above the water table. These sightless insects spend their entire lives underground and primarily invade dwellings from the soil along foundation walls. Able to slip through tiny fissures just 1/16-inch wide, termites enter through cracks in the foundation or slab, expansion joints, utility conduits, and plumbing connections. Wood structures that have direct contact with the ground, such as decks, porches, and fence posts, invite direct termite access.

The key to prevention is to minimize moisture around the structure, provide a barrier that will either halt activity or make it visible, and by maintaining a separation of any wood from grade, the natural habitat of the termite. Chemical soil treatments and termite baits are effective treatments that we use in order to provide long term protection from damage to structures. All Bugs Aside Termite & Pest Control will provide a thorough inspection to locate and control Termites in you home or business.

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